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American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

The AAHA is a group of animal hospitals dedicated to maintaining high standards of care in veterinary medicine.


Step by step instructions about caring for your cat. Clear, easy to understand explanations featuring live action videos and animated details. FREE, simple to use, presented in short segments.

Check out the link for a complete list of available videos, including:

  • Giving Your Cat a Pill or Capsule
  • Giving Your Cat Liquid Medications
  • Trimming Your Cat's Claws
  • Brushing Your Cat's Teeth
  • Taking Your Cat's Temperature
  • Caring for a Diabetic Cat

    Presented by: Cornell Feline Health Center, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University

    American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

    The American Veterinary Medical Association is a good source of general pet information as well as some more detailed info.

    Veterinary Partner Information Network

    Great place to get your questions answered.

    Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA)

    24 hour emergency hotline for poison control.

    Lost Pet Alert Systems

    These are two suggestions for getting the word out if your pet is lost.



    Fauquier County SPCA

    Founded in 1951 to protect the animals of Fauquier County and surrounding areas, the Fauquier County SPCA offers many services to our community including: pet adoption, lost and found assistance,humane education, pet therapy, spay and neuter information, tattoo and tag identification and behavioral training.


    BRAND NEW - Check out the first Pet Airline, no more baggage area for our cats and dogs. Now they have their own air line.

    Regulations for International and State to State Travel with Your Pet





    Veterinary Information Network's Veterinary Partner is a wealth of information for both doctors and clients.

    Virginia State

    Virginia State Pet Friendly Site

    Why leave members of your family back at home when all you'll do is wish they were with you on your vacation? Virginia wants you to bring your pets along with you!

    More places accommodate animals today — hotels, campgrounds, state parks, shopping centers, and tourist attractions, so bring your four-legged friends so they can enjoy the fun.
    Go to Events page and click on PetFriendly

    Pet Friendly Apartments and Motels, Parksetc.

    Blue Ridge Wildlife Center