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Posted By : Ginny C (
Posted : 12/6/2015
Comments : I am so thankful we found you in 1986. You have been our other family doctor for Cocoa, Missy, Quincy and now our 8 month old Thai. We couldn't ask for better care. You will be receiving in the mail a gift from our family to yours. It is just a small token of gratitude of our thankfulness for each of you.

Posted By : M McCormack
Posted : 5/7/2015
Comments : My husband and I have been bringing our dogs and cats to New Baltimore Animal Hospital for over 25 years. You'll never find a better group of caring people who take awesome care of your "furry" family members. Thank you NBAH for everything you do - you're the best!

Posted By : Heather Beach (
Posted : 2/21/2015
Comments : After almost 9 years of marriage my husband and I recently got our first dog together, it took us two days to come up with a name for our adorable little pit puppy, so you can imagine what kind of time we were having trying to find a vet, considering our only experience with vets in this area was one diagnosing our kitten with a highly contagious feline disease just by looking at her, no blood test, no looking at bodily fluids under a microscope. Obviously that place was not an option. My husband had headed out to work one day and 10 minutes later I see him pull back in our driveway with a large beautiful German Shepherd in the front of his truck, needless to say I was more than slightly puzzled. My husband had come across the friendly Shepherd standing in the middle of 602, so he opened the truck door and called the dog and when the dog got in the truck he brought the dog back to our home so I could begin trying to find his owner, he was a beautiful dog that was obviously well loved. My husband advised me that the dog had a rabies tag from the New Baltimore Animal Hospital and gave me the registration number. So I brought my puppy in the house and put the Shepherd, that we soon found out went by the name Verago, in the fenced in portion of our back yard, Unfortunately I cannot remember who I spoke with but she was extremely helpful and did not hesitate to access his records with the number from his rabies tag that he was wearing. She did not give me any of the owners information, but advised that she would be more than happy to contact the owner, as she was fairly certain his owner would be going crazy in his absence. She also advised me that I could bring Verago in to them and they would take care of him until she could get up there. So I took up to the NBAH and left him in their capable hands, I went home and contacted my husband and gave him the end of the story that he and virago started, he then asked if I had made an appointment for our Buddy, DUH! It took me all of a hot second to give NBAH a call and schedule an appointment for my little fur baby. I mean I was really impressed with the level of caring they demonstrated for Verago and his person, how could they be the wrong people to care for what is my child. So began our relationship with NBAH, and now our newest addition will be under the care of NBAH, another little pitbull that we adopted from the Fauquier SPCA. I am very protective of my fur babies and trying to find a vet was becoming a nerve wracking experiences, that is until a gorgeous escape artist of a German Shepherd led us to NBAH.

Posted By : Jan Dooley
Posted : 4/18/2014
Comments : Dr. Bailey is the "BEST" he and his staff have been taking the very best care of all of my pets for at least 29 years.The greatest group of people I know.Friendly caring and very supportive in times of need.

Posted By : John and Pam Neyhouse (
Posted : 3/26/2014
Comments : We just want to say Thanks to Dr. Bailey and the entire staff at New Baltimore how much we appreciated their profressionalism and kindness over the past 11 years. We had to say our final goodby to our German Shepherd, KA-C on 3/25. What a great group of people at New Baltimore. Many thanks.

Posted By : Leslie L.
Posted : 3/24/2013
Comments : My dog's breeder asked me to make a vet appointment for the 2 new pups. NBAH comes highly recommended from friends & Petco. So I spoke with Pam yesterday and was floored that she took the time to introduce herself, briefly describe the practice & gather pertinent info about Dexter & Reuben. ***Her most important piece of info has already been put to good use.*** Apparently, if your pets are patients here, they have emergency appts. available for them on any given day. Weeellll, as some may know we have a wild yet tame chicken who showed up here last year. Etta Lynn was attacked last night by another animal. Folks, it's been a rough night on top of a previous rough night. First of all I never knew chickens shed tears but when we cried she did as well. This chicken runs to my husband every time he pulls in the driveway after work. She's sort of our first pet so to see her injured like this is emotional for all of us. Back to NBAH. We called this a.m. and the receptionist was stumped when I asked if they worked on chickens. She offered to ask Dr. Bailey when he arrived & so we waited. My husband & daughter are dropping Etta off now but it's therapeutic for me to just sit, sniffle & type. Whatever the outcome, this practice is very compassionate. P.S. UPDATE! Forget Annie Sullivan. Dr. Bailey is The Miracle Worker! Etta is back home with medicine. Tired but still her spunky self.

Posted By : Liz P.
Posted : 3/24/2013
Comments : Super bunch of people! You can tell how much they all truly love animals. And they remember them all so well. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else w/my "babies!" Very professional and knowledgeable!!